New Books / New Adventures

Life has been crazy lately.

I have started teaching nights at Valencia College to help mold the minds of young designers and give back. It has been great and really inspiring. I feel like teaching pulls my mind in ways that art direction doesn’t necessarily pull me. I really helps me not only better articulate or see things differently but it has also helped me to further understand the importance of scheduling “me time.” And in this case I am referring to time I can dedicate to learning and further developing skills that I want to learn. 

I am one of those minds who constantly strives to learn and grow. I like challenges that push me to refine my talent. I know that nothing will come to me over night, after all for the most part most it is said it takes 10% talent and 90% hard work. And so, I bought Jessica Hische’s book “In Progress” -- all I can say is it is everything I wish I had read when I was in school. So far it has helped me realize that I have things to learn when it comes to perfecting lettering, but I have decided to dedicate most of my “me time” to reading Jess’s book and integrating what I am reading to my personal design style. As I do so I will certainly be sharing them with you on my insta, so give it a follow.

Jessica Hische
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