Jen Jewell Design

When your market is saturated with competitors, how do we set you apart from all the rest? We change the conversation.


The task at hand.

To develop an over-aching brand awareness campaign for The Villages Regional Hospital and Leesburg Regional Medical Center. Leveraging their commitment to the communities they serve alongside the high quality care their patients receive.


Together with a team of talented creatives, we worked through a pitch process to figure out what the best direction for the client was. In the end we gained a better understanding of who CFH was and what their cliental wanted to know–that no matter what health care needs the community faced, Central Florida Health was by their side through it all.

  • Art / Creative Direction

  • Photography & Film Art Direction

  • Photography Retouching

  • Casting / Wardrobe Styling

  • Propping

  • Pre-Production / Scouting

  • Layout Design

  • Social Strategy