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I have been working to get better at creating letterforms in illustrator. I remember being in school and getting frustrated because my anchor points where all over the place, and my curves always had that one point where they started to look a little janky. However, practice makes "perfect" -- and by that I mean you get better. I find it a humbling experience when you finally nail something that you have always hoped to be able to do and it actually looks ok. So well anyways, here it is. 

xoxo - Jen

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It seems an encore is only fitting

New Books / New Adventures

Life has been crazy lately.

I have started teaching nights at Valencia College to help mold the minds of young designers and give back. It has been great and really inspiring. I feel like teaching pulls my mind in ways that art direction doesn't necessarily pull me. I really helps me not only better articulate or see things differently but it has also helped me to further understand the importance of scheduling "me time." And in this case I am referring to time I can dedicate to learning and further developing skills that I want to learn. 

I am one of those minds who constantly strives to learn and grow. I like challenges that push me to refine my talent. I know that nothing will come to me over night, after all for the most part most it is said it takes 10% talent and 90% hard work. And so, I bought Jessica Hische's book "In Progress" -- all I can say is it is everything I wish I had read when I was in school. So far it has helped me realize that I have things to learn when it comes to perfecting lettering, but I have decided to dedicate most of my "me time" to reading Jess's book and integrating what I am reading to my personal design style. As I do so I will certainly be sharing them with you on my insta, so give it a follow.

Jessica Hische - In Progress
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Rare True Creative Freedom

Skyebird Thai Hot Infographic

Skyebird Thai Hot Infographic

Skyebird Enlightenment Infographic

Skyebird Enlightenment Infographic

As a designer it is hard to find clients who trust you to take their rough ideas and loose thoughts and turn them into what they are looking for.

Most attempt to over explain and try to direct us creatives in the correct direction, and I totally get it, I would do the same thing. But there are the few who grow to trust you and your creative gut to create exactly what they are looking for. I love the freedom to scour the corners of my imagination to create something uniquely different, and yet simply perfect for what the client is looking for. 

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my friend Devin at Skyebird Juice Bar to create a series of illustrated typographic graphics for some of their most popular juices. Moving away from a vector illustrated, “ridged look” they had previously embraced, I sought to find a solution that was both warm and rustic. Something that fit not only the personality of business but the people who work there and call it their “nest.” 

This project allowed me to direct a photoshoot for each graphic and color correct the images to best fit the feeling we were going for. I love working with my hands every chance I get and so I render the type by hand. I have a haptic nature that absolutely loves being covered in eraser and graphite bits as I work to perfect the sketch. Working analog guarantees a unique end product, and in this case the pieces are as unique as the client.

With Love - Jen