99U Conference - My Brief Overview

Imagine this if you will: a native New Yorker displaced for 16 years returns to take on the 99U Conference along side thousands of designers, innovators, creatives from all walks of life. Crazy right? I think so. 

This conference challenged me in so many ways. So many wonderfully - emotionally exhausting ways. It caused me to think, to rethink, to be present, and truly be okay being who I am and saying what I feel regardless of the opinions of others. As a creative we all struggle with understanding a good balance of hating everything you do and being confident in presenting your idea knowing that its a good one. Every speaker, breakout session, and conversation pushed me to be strong in who I am and pushed me to actively engage in conversations about brands, design, trends, creative process, UI/UX, New York, food, friends, pet peeves... basically you name it, we talked about it. It was a magical experience to meet so many wonderful people who were not only empathetic to who you are but where equally as passionate about what you do. 

99U Conference 2017
99U Conference 2017 - Mike Perry Studio

Welcome, Mike Perry, Refinery 29, & more awesome.

99U Conference 2017 - Refinery 29
99U Conference 2017
99U Conference 2017 - Natasha Jen - Pentagram

Natasha Jen from Pentagram, Good Fucking Design Advice's Bryan & Jason.

99U Conference 2017 - Good Fucking Design Advice

That's it for now - but I am working on a longer more play by play post.
So be on the look out. 

XOXO - Jen

Jen Jewell