Creativity & Money - Freelance

Being an artist is a tough thing to be in a day and age where everyone thrives on being a do-it-yourselfer.

I have found that most people lack a basic understanding of how long and involved a creative process is. That there are crucial steps taken to ensure that a brand can be resilient in the market place. Due to these facts–a designer who can deliver a strong visual brand, establish a strong brand voice and a unique positioning platform will be more expensive because they bring to the table years of experience and intuition needed to develop a successful creative project. This alone does not make the money conversation any easier - I have found that some basic insight into the creative process aids in the conversation when establishing the scope of a project (what you want) and the budget (what it is going to cost). Take into consideration a brand focused project— most still consider a brand to be just a logo, but in fact, a brand is who you are and encompasses not only the way you look (visual brand) but what you stand for (brand platform) and what you sound like (brand voice).

Branding is, in fact, a delicate art. A dance that a designer does to create something that is everything a client is looking for while making sure they do not lose sight of a brand direction they are working so hard to create. This process takes a lot of time. Even when a designer has years of experience it still takes rounds of revisions, late night conversations and hours spent checking that the decisions they are recommending are the correct ones. There is no easy button-no online service that you can go to and type in the name of the client and it generates the ideal visual brand. As a creative, they will spend hours of time trying to understand who the client is and where they have been creatively in order to begin to craft a few design solutions that they hope lead their client in the correct direction. At the end of the day- they strive to create something unique, own-able, encompasses the client’s personality and satisfies their needs as a designer to make something cool.

As much as we create for others - we also create for ourselves. A good designer will make the design look effortless and at the same time they have achieved the goals of the client, they also put their signature mark on it. Unknown to you, just as a signature on the bottom of a Van Gogh, designers all have something that sets them apart from one another. All you need to do is look a little harder to realize what that thing might be. This makes the work so much more valuable than automated templates you find on the internet. You have someone who is your partner in creating the exact thing you need. The logo is only part of the visual identity that the designer has thought through - making them an ideal partner in your brand roll out and also the person who is going to get you all the bits and pieces that you need to be successful in presenting your new look to the world. You will get all the versions of the logo you could possibly need, in your brand colors that the designer has created just for you, maybe a stationary kit, and any other assets you might need. These things are all accounted for in some of the initial conversations that a designer will have with you in determining the scope of the project and how much the overall project will be budgeted. We work to anticipate your needs and make sure when all is said and done - everyone is happy.

At the end of the day - while talking money is never fun - the more insight a designer can give to you as to their process the easier the conversation should go. Creatives always work to create exactly what you want - because we love to share our talents with the world in any way we can. We always want to make sure that you can have what you want without going broke and we will always be open to talking about what you need and how we can help, even if that is referring you to the right human for the job. We want nothing more than to make you happy and make cool shit - so make sure you find the right designer who can be the champion for your brand, website, photoshoot, or other creative venture. Remember asking questions is always important and also that design is an investment because there is no such thing as an easy button.


Jen Jewell