Pushing Forward.

As a creative you always have to keep your fingers on the pulse. Know who is doing what, what is trending, what is succeeding, what is changing, and where you want to go.

For over four and a half years I have had the incredible privilege of working with a wonderful team at Great Big Circle as their Art Director and Senior Designer. Together we ushered in the opening of the largest performing arts venue in downtown Orlando, rebranded Orlando’s art museum, conquered many new and emerging technology trends, and at the end of the day kicked some design butt! I really could not have asked for more.

Now with a new creative venture on the horizon I am filled with the same emotions I remember from grade school. Those first day jitters, the excitement of what comes next, and the prospect of all the new friends and adventures you will go on. Change is never simple and it rarely comes when we expect it, but I am embracing this whirlwind of an opportunity to join the award winning team at Push as their new Art Director.

When I was a student at Valencia College, I remember thinking how cool it would be to work at Push. To work on all the cool design projects, work with a team of people to create awesome shit, and ultimately just learn and grow as a designer.  I had a reality check though, I knew that I would likely not be a part of the Push team fresh out of school. It is not that I wasn't talented, I just knew I had a whole lot left to learn. Over my six years of industry experience, I have learned that Photoshop is not evil, that your CSR can be your best friend when trying to meet a print deadline, that clients range from all sorts of levels of understanding of what it truly means to create something special, and most of all - if you want to learn something - dive in head first and figure that shit out.

I never waited for someone to tell me that my Bézier Curves needed work, that my photo retouching didn't look realistic, or my layout wasn't quite right. I just kept working, crafting, figuring out how to solve every creative challenge in front of me to the best of my ability. I pushed myself, challenged myself, and made myself learn as much as I could so that eventually I could execute my design visions as perfectly as I had imaged them. No one was going to stop me, I was going to accomplish all my creative goals, and I was going to make all the friends I could along the way.

I am truly fortunate to the relationships I have that have allowed me to be where I am now. From my friend Alyssa who would sit up with me all night as we worked on our portfolios until the wee hours of the morning, to my friend Thomas who helped me learn the ins and outs of photoshop, digital painting, and helped me get my first design gig. Then there is Jeff who introduced me to Blake and Bryan who took me under their wings at Great Big Circle and taught me the importance of a well executed brand and creating unique experiences. There are so many individuals and friends who have inspired me and helped me throughout the years. 

So I guess at the end of the day, as I close my chapter at Great Big Circle and move into this new amazing family at Push, I just want to thank everyone who has been there for me along my crazy journey and tell you guys how excited I am for this new amazing adventure I am about to embark on. 

XOXO - Jen

Jen Jewell